Hello Everyone

Welcome to Cheeky Booky! My name is Lily Burton and I am the owner of this book blog.

To tell you about myself I absolutely love books (obviously) and I love any form of stories. I just graduated from University of Portsmouth where I did an animation course, but now I want to take a step out of animation and try to learn how to write as I love making stories.

I am sorry for lack of posts this year as it has been crazy this year but now that I have graduated, hopefully things will be a good pace.

I do hope you lovely people will enjoy my book blog, again sorry if it is a mess as I am learning to sort things out, but I am still putting up book reviews and hopefully in the future some little fun things.

I do have fun little things in mind so do keep an eye on them šŸ˜›

Goodreads:Ā https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/41983323-lily-burton

Twitter: @xxLilPantherxx

If you like video games I have a twitch channel at twitch.com/lilpanther92 where I stream on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 1pm gmt. šŸ™‚

Email: cheekybooky92@gmail.com

The reason why I changed my email address is because my previous one is full of spam and it was just too much so I made a new one, also to keep up with the theme.

I do hope you enjoy my blog šŸ˜€



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