Review~To All The Boys I Loved Before by Jenny Han

Goodreads Synopsis

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is the story of Lara Jean, who has never openly admitted her crushes, but instead wrote each boy a letter about how she felt, sealed it, and hid it in a box under her bed. But one day Lara Jean discovers that somehow her secret box of letters has been mailed, causing all her crushes from her past to confront her about the letters: her first kiss, the boy from summer camp, even her sister’s ex-boyfriend, Josh. As she learns to deal with her past loves face to face, Lara Jean discovers that something good may come out of these letters after all.

When I first heard about this book from other people, I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to read it myself. What I heard about this book from other people, including people who are normally not into romance books said they really enjoy it and it became even more popular when the film came out on Netflix.

I will be honest, when I first glance at the book, I didn’t find it striking. Based on the cover itself it seems dull and boring. It’s just a picture of a girl who I presume is Lara Jean lying on the bed with a diary in hand, thinking of something to write. Once I read the blurb about how her love confessions somehow leaked to the boys she loved, it did peak my interest so I went to get it from the library and decided to give it a go.

At first it was a little slow as I get introduced by Lara Jean and her family. Margot who is getting ready to go to Scotland for university, Kitty her annoying little sister, her dad who is a doctor (I think?) and there mum who we find out is deceased a long time ago. While having introductions help it does grind a little where all I want is a little drama when the love letters go out.

Then I started to get interested with the story when the love letters go out, specifically to a boy name Peter who confronted her about it and decided to make a deal. Both of them have to pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend and that’s when the typical teen drama is about to begin.

We have jealousy coming from other characters, we have obstacles the main characters have to go through, they are trying different ways to make it look like they are a couple to other people, realising there true feelings for each other. How there friends involved, how are there families involved, character development. And because of all this I can’t help but be enthralled by all of this. It all sounds typical and basic but it gets you hooked the minute the drama kicks in.

The writing style is just a breeze to go through so once you get hooked you will be able to get through this book within days and actually you won’t regret reading it because after you would want to look for the next book of the series which is currently what I am doing right now. XD

It is really hard to rate this because the cover didn’t draw me into this book, it was other people’s reviews and the blurb and the beginning is very bland to the point where it is hard to pick it but once I got into it it did become interesting and it makes me want to continue with the series. So I am giving it:

4/5 Stars

Happy Reading! ❤

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