Discussion~5 Reasons why I love Dungeons and Dragons

Wow, it has been a long time since I did a discussion post so I will see if I can get back into it by start listing out reasons why I love Dungeons and Dragons. While it is more of a gaming topic than a book topic, it still holds many elements when it comes to creating stories and characters. If there is anything you agree, disagree or anything I miss in the list do comment down below and we can discuss about them as this is a discussion post.

1. Improves your Creativity

As I said before there are elements in creating stories, characters and even environments along with roleplaying as the characters you created. Not only does the Dungeon Master creates the basic outline of the story but also gives enough freedom and choices for the other players to manipulate the story themselves based on their actions. It’s not just the game itself but people also like to create things for the game depending on the campaign, for example I am creating a spellbook for my boyfriend’s wizard character, people creating art of there own characters and other people’s characters and if you watch Critical Role you would see settings coming to life whenever the characters are in a combat, they have personalised figurines, and a beautiful old fashioned map. Not only that but there fans called the critters loves to support them by doing fanart and cosplays and you can cosplay too as your own characters, I did on my very first campaign in uni and it was amazing. DnD does a fantastic job in getting people out of there comfort zones to make them express there creativity in a positive environment.

2. Socializing

I have a bit of social anxiety which cause me to be anxious in crowded places and parties and while there are some people disagree with me which is fine, I genuinely believe playing games does help overcome certain anxiety and DnD is no exception. Whether its a group of friends or people you just recently met, DnD does make you feel comfortable in talking with other people, asking the DM questions, working as a team and communicating, because you are with people who loves DnD just like you, it makes things a little easier and once you are becoming comfortable you will slowly get confidence within yourself. Now we have social networking as well such as facebook, twitter and even tumblr you will end up finding new friends where DnD can connect people together.

3. Freedom

Do you ever want to be a powerful mage, a hulking barbarian, a fabulous Teifling or a charming bard surrounded by men or women? There are so many options you can choose from designing your characters, their personality, abilities, how they fight in combat, background/story, allignment, and how they handle in certain obstables that the DM creates. And there isn’t just one version of DnD, there are many versions that lots of people can explore and a great way for people taking a break from reality for a bit. While you have freedom through the aspects of the game the result of the choices you made relys on the dice you roll and the DM telling you what is going to happen, but having your character’s fate rely on rolling a dice and listening to the DM telling you what’s going to happen makes the game even more exciting and gives you more options all through the cause of the game with more abilities, more enemies, more plot and even more people.

4. Teamwork

This connects with socializing but I feel like I have to add this one. People does seem to underestimate that games like DnD does require. It is true there is freedom but at the same time you have to understand what the team needs. Whether it needs a healer, a tank, magic damage, a flanker, a ranger etc and be able to communicate as a team to make it work. Whenever you and your team ran into an obstacle there is a good chance where you and your team discuss the situation and try to figure out how to solve it and because of that, DnD makes it a great way to understand how to work as a team.

5. It’s Fun πŸ™‚

It is so much fun! Get to create your own character and roleplay through out the scene your DM created. You get to go through so many wonderful adventures where you fight, travel, meet and talk interesting characters and meet people (irl) who loves DnD just as much as you do. If you are thinking of playing DnD, then go for it. Nothing should stop you for playing DnD, and no it is not Satanism (no idea where that came from). Just a harmless game that everyone can enjoy.

I hope you enjoy my reasons why I love Dungeons and Dragons. I thought I make this post since I am currently trying to catch up on Critical Role. I do recommend watching the series if you are interested in DnD as you can find them in Geek and Sundry or in there own Critical Role youtube channel. πŸ˜€

Until then..

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    • Agreed and I hope they find out how fun dungeons and dragons is here. I found out how amazing it is thanks to Critical Role. πŸ™‚ ❀


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