It has been awhile hasn’t it? And I do apologise for that but I have just been really busy with many things and trying to juggle them all at once, but hopefully things easing up now and hoping I will be able to have more time on reading.

First I have got a job and moved in with my boyfriend. Its only shop work but it will keep me going financial wise and moving in is a bit scary I will admit but it has been amazing so far 😀

Secondly not only do I want to continue book blogging but I also want to concentrate on streaming games on twitch. While my followers are still really low I am really enjoying it and talking to people really helps boosting up my confidence. If you are interested here is the link where I try to be live on Thursdays, fridays and Saturdays at 1pm GMT.

Lastly, while it is going ever so slowly I have been writing my book. Unfortunately I had to pause it as I have already been given overtime at work however once I have more free time I want to concentrate on that and then I can edit and develop.

I apologise for so many delays as it has been a real however I will try to keep up with book blogging but it won’t be as much blog posts as there were before.

Thank you for your patience and keep reading! 😀

Lily @ Cheeky Booky


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