Liebster Award


Hello everyone! 😀

I will be doing another Tag/award. I want to thank Bookish Endeavors for nominating me. I will be answering her questions from her blog.

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions they gave you.
  3. Nominate 11 blogs.
  4. Give them 11 questions to answer.

1. Your biggest Pet Peeve?

Quite a few things actually:

  • People complaining about trivial things ALL THE TIME. One off it is ok but if you complain about it all the time then it does get annoying. Especially when they don’t do anything about it.
  • People who hates both cats and dogs. Both cats and dogs are popular for different reasons so surely you like at least one of them, right??
  • PDA. No. Just no.
  • People who say these sayings: ‘like’ repeatedly, ‘yolo’, ‘At the end of the day’, ‘You know wha I mean?’ Just why??
  • When you hang out with people who are constantly on their phones. Really?? Then what’s the point of us hanging out if you just going to be on your phone?
  • BOOK SPECIFIC- Books with DOG EARS!! Specifically library books where you would borrow a book to read. -_-
  • ONLINE TEAM BASED GAME SPECIFIC- People telling you what character to play  -_-

So yeah quite a few.


2. One event and/or person in your life that really shaped you in the person that you are today?

My granny. She had always been there for me and she was a very sweet person, and she enjoys the simple things in life, something I think lots of people lack. Despite she had lots of health issues she was was such a strong woman as well. Always find a way to see the positive outlook in life yet doesn’t hesitate to voice out her opinions. She is very wise and always gave lots of advice from her experiences. She also wrote about her childhood to understand what it is like to live during World War 2 before she died. An incredible woman. 🙂

3. If there was one book that you would recommend to everyone, what would it be & why?

Sheer Madness: A Buffalo Steampunk Adventure. A strong female character that can fight and state her opinions. Fantastic world building and has well diverse characters. Plus it needs more love. Such a good book. Yes it is the 3rd book of the series but you would still be able to read as a first book. 🙂


4. Your favorite quote?

Success is not final, Failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts

Winston Churchill

5. What piece of advice would you give to your past-self?

Stay strong and always stay true to yourself no matter what other people say about you.

6. What piece of advice would you give to your future-self?

Keep following your dreams. Don’t let any obstacle get in the way of your dreams.

7. Last song that you listened to?

Fight Like a Girl by Emilie Autumn. I LOVE HER! A beautiful woman that sings from the heart.

8. Your celebrity crush?

I have said this before but Matthew Mercer. A brilliant voice actor, a DM for Critical Role and he is very kind and down to earth who obviously cares about his fans.


9. What is one thing on your bucket list that you think is the most unattainable?

Honestly becoming a writer. I am currently but I don’t think I am good enough but I am willing to give it a try.

10.  If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be?

Jin Kazama’s tattoo from Tekken. Look how cool it is! 😀

11. What inspired you to join the blogger community?

I absolutely love books, that’s all I had been thinking about during University so when I saw different people blogging and youtubing about books I suddenly want to join into the book community where lots of people can appreciate books and discuss about them. I am glad I did this and I have been talking to new and amazing people within mine and other people’s blogs which I very much enjoy. It has been an experience and I am not thinking about ending this blog anytime soon.

I tag:

Olga’s Oddish Obsessions, Howling Libraries, Cali’s Book Camp, Originally Lexy, The Book Lagoon, Book and Words, YA and Wine, Jessica Marie493, A Book. A Thought,Tiff The Booknerd.

11 Questions

  1. What do you like to do in your spare time?
  2. Who is your role model or you really look up to? Why?
  3. What is your guilty pleasure?
  4. What is your dream job?
  5. Cats or Dogs?
  6. Favourite OTP?
  7. Favourite Mythical/fantasy creature?
  8. If you made a character for Dungeons and Dragons, what race and class would it be?Example: An elf rogue.
  9. What book would you NOT recommend to people? Why?
  10.  What is your strange habits?
  11. If you became a Prime Minister/President, what is the first thing you would do?

Those are my questions and I hope you enjoy this tag. Even though I tagged these bloggers everyone is welcome to answer these questions.

Happy Reading! 😀




  1. Thank you for nominating me!! Great answers and I agree with the irritation that comes when people repeat “like” all the time. *cringes* The tattoo you’ve chosen is amazing! I’d get that to if I could. I know I’ll have fun answering your terrific questions and again, thanks!💖

    Liked by 1 person

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