Review~ Sheer Madness: A Buffalo Steampunk Adventure by Laura Strickland

Goodreads Synopsis

All her life, Topaz Hathor has denied her ability to see the spirits of the dead. She despises her father’an infamous spiritualist’for exploiting his wealthy patrons and the souls that flock to him. But when the spirit of an attractive man appears in her bedroom claiming he’s been drawn to Topaz rather than her father, she sits up and takes notice.

I like to thank Netgalley and The Wild Rose Press Publishers for giving me this galley.

Though not dead, Romney Marsh has been banished from his body while confined to an asylum and can’t remember much besides his name. Yet he can feel Topaz’s spirit calling to his, and he’s not leaving until she agrees to help him. Through an increasingly violent spiral of danger and their discovery of unspeakable undertakings, they bond ever more closely. But can Topaz be in love with a man she’s never touched, or would that be sheer madness?

A romantic, steampunk story about a girl called Topaz who has the power to sense spirits from the dead that she has inherit from her father that she tries to deny all her life, until she sense a spirit of a mysterious boy calling himself Marsh ended up in her room asking for her help , telling her he is not dead and that his body is currently being held in an asylum. During the course of their adventure she found many dark secrets that’s to do with Marsh, a creepy scientist that is working with her father and even someone she trusts got involved.

When I requested for this book, I have no idea what to expect. All I know it’s Steampunk and I have to say I’m glad I gave it a chance.  The author obviously took time to think about the world based on her home she lived along with her interest in Steampunk. She puts in enough detail to imagine what the locations are like yet at the same time not too much detail to overwhelm her readers. Just enough to get an idea and still made it interesting by by giving it tone and atmosphere through certain situations.

The female protagonist is fantastic. Topaz has many layers to her character that lots of women can relate and admire. She was first introduced when she fought against two trespassers naked. That gave me sense of empowerment not because she was naked but because she was able to fight and protect herself no matter what the situation is, and even though she comes from a rich family, she is not shy to speak about her opinions to be their for common women who don’t have enough money and are victims of rape. She is willing to teach women how to fight combat despite other people’s disapprove it. But does she care? No. That is the part of her character that I admire, the other part of her character is what I can relate to is her insecurities about her body which makes her authentic. She was born into the 1800’s where women are only judged by their bodies and just be considered as sexual objects, so if it gives us an understanding how women were treated during that time period.

Even though I just say it’s a steampunk, romance, there are lots of content that many readers can enjoy. Fighting and combat, steampunk machinary, angst, spiritual supernatural, women power and a great range of characters, so you can never be bored by it and almost every chapter ends with a cliffhanger, so you can’t help but be hooked by it just to see what happens next.

A bit of warning, the story does get a bit steamy so I recommend to not read it in public like I did. That was a mistake because it doesn’t shy away from what the characters were doing sexually, in fact it does get a bit graphic. It also gives detail on how certain characters get tortured, it is the main climax of the book but again it does get a bit graphic so it is not for the faint of heart or to anyone who is sensitive about that sort of thing.

Overall this book is amazing, it has everything you could want and you will get hooked really easily. The characters have depth, the Steampunk Buffalo world is well thought out, it is easily read and well paced and it has lots of contentthat is spaced out without being too overpowering so I highly recommend it.

5/5 Stars 

I am part of the Amazon Affiliate Program where I get a small commission if you buy something through my Amazon link. If you are interested in this book you can get it through the link down below. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did.

Happy Reading 😀



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