Discussion~Why are we obsessed with pairings?

This month it is February which means it will be Valentine’s Day. The perfect time to discuss characters falling in love and why we love it so much.

There are couples in books, TV shows, videogames and films that we either can’t get enough of or just can’t stand, this includes cameo pairings, fan pairings, love triangles, love-hate relationships, polar opposites and so much more, whether the couples are straight, ga, adults, kids and even different species.

I will start the discussion with a writer, a writer who wrote amazing stories that are still alive today and authors still get inspiration from this literature genius, William Shakespeare. It’s hard to tell if William Shakespeare started the idea of a dramatic romance stories, but he has definitely made that trope popular with ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Right now lots of people probably criticize this kind of romance by being illogical, however you can imagine to everyone around the 16th-17th century time, it was most likely considered to be the most amazing experience they had. Watching a play about two teenagers from opposing families, falling in love that caused them to be in a web of lies, betrayal and cruelty that ends up both of them dying together. That tragic tale will last a lifetime.

Another Shakespeare play that has a pairing contains a trope that is still alive today, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’.The story’s plot involves a love-hate relationship between Beatrice and Benedick. Half of us learned their relationship at school at some point, but if you look at modern books, films, tv shows and definitely anime and manga, you would see that kind of relationship around, especially when one of the characters, mostly female, is a tsundere where they show hostility towards someone they love.

The reason why people are interested in love-hate relationships is because of the anticipation. We all get caught up in their ‘will they, won’t they?’ limbo that we become addicted to their ups and downs of their relationship. There are many side to this relationshipthat could make the pairing move forward: for example, one of them realized the other has a soft side to his/her personality, realized they can’t live without each other, or they were childhood friends and had a history together. Anything can happen which makes it interesting.

Love triangle is also becoming popular, and it is everywhere, particularly around YA books. The book series that has populized it is the twilight books. Sure there was a bit of a love triangle from Harry Potter and even from the classic ‘Pride and Prejudice’ but for Twilight it became the main focus.

What I seem to discover is that teenagers seems to be the target of love triangles, whether the character itself is a teenager or that specific book targets teenage audience, but why?Well, all teenagers had to go through the difficulty of going through puberty and hormones, even we had to go through those ups and downs of the teenage years. All of us changed our ways, see things differently and noticed things that we never noticed before, which is the opposite sex. Certain books and films like Twilight take that as an advantage by having the main protagonist pick between a tall, pale vampire and a tan werewolf with no shirt, so you can imagine so many fan girls going crazy over them with this new changes they are experiencing.Unfortunately, like with many love triangles, it does cause many fans to go against each other.

Pairings comes in many different ways for people to enjoy, recently yaoi and yuri pairings (boyxboy and girlxgirl) are becoming more popular by the day. There has been a few diversity booksfocusing on homosexuality, anime and manga industries have been doing it for years, but one of them came out on top with ‘Yuri On Ice’ by making it the greatest anime of 2016, even South Park supports yaoi by showing an episode based around yaoi fanart in ‘Tweek x Craig’.

We love these pairings because we just do. They make our hearts flutter with butterflies and gives us a little bit of happiness in this political catastrophe. Sure there are people out there that would hate certain pairings. Maybe they are considered boring, the couple has too much in common or in a serious case can be in a domestic abuse that makes people uncomfortable, but they are around , especially in the internet and whether we are obsessively love or hate certain pairings, we just can’t get enough of them.

I hope you enjoy this discussion. If there is anything I am missing or you disagree with, do comment down below as it is a discussion. I will coming on next Saturday with the review on Warrior Cats: Into the Wild. I do hope you enjoyed it. 😀



  1. I do like pairings! Although when I don’t feel any particular attachment with the characters, I might not care about them at all XD

    I do agree with your point stating that they give us something to anticipate for, and something to be happy about amidst this often grim world. In a world where true love is nearly nonexistent, I would like to see some characters with depths, and their relationship with one another, ultimately developing in the “pairings” that we come to know and love.

    Nice post! 🙂

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