Discussion~Is Dystopia really happening?

This is a question that has been bothering me for awhile, but when I see these shops starting to close down and most of the streets starting to look quiet and empty, as almost everyone are going through economy crises, employees losing their jobs by being replaced by self serving machines. All of these changes that certain shops are going through have people depending on machines rather than communicating with people. These changes might have caused human beings to have lack of communication which caused people to seem distant, ignorant and even violent because we simply don’t know how to communicate.  That I think is a starting point on the world turning into a Dystopia.

The other things that got me thinking about it is political elections that has happened this year. United Kingdom had to deal with the EU elections and America had to deal with presidential election. Obviously, one of them has more affect than the other but both of the elections could and probably will affect other countries, and both of the results didn’t go as well as we wanted. Due these things that are happening we are scared. Very scared. Haven’t you noticed that when these elections ended, lots of people are starting to have no problem being racist, sexist and labelling other people without hesitation. It seems to me that because the politicians who won these elections like Nigel Farage and Donald Trump and letting these ideologies out into the open that civilians thinks that it is ok to follow these ideologies without a second thought, and that is very worrying.

Another thing we need to think about is corruption and greed from co operations and politicians that would cause destruction on our civilization and the environment. Using certain chemicals that would cause a danger to our bodies and endangering animals, destroying their habitats by replacing woods or countrysides into block of flats and having coffee shops and fast food restaurants on every corner of the streets. Bees that are necerssery to the world are going extinct, people are shooting animals for sports and some of us aren’t even aware that these problems are happening.

To people who are familiar with the dystopia world, do you think it’s starting to become a reality? Is there anything else we need to discuss? If so, do comment below as it is a discussion and I would like to discuss these problems with you guys.

The reason for these discussion is to talk about real life problems that would have relations to books that I will post once a month.

I do hope you enjoy. ❤



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