Discussion~ Discworld series

So I had been thinking about this for awhile by sprucing up the blog a bit by talking about certain books, so every 3rd day of the month I will make a discussion post on certain books so that we can discuss it. 🙂

The first discussion I want to talk about is the Discworld Series written by Terry Pratchett based on the question, ‘What makes this series popular?’

Well first off, lets start with the world itself. The world is a flat disc, balancing on the shoulders of four elephants and they are standing on the back of an enormous turtle called the Great A’Tuin that is slowly swimming through space. Sounds ridiculous right? And the answer is……yes. BUT it works. The Great A’Tuin is iconic, memorable and it is something no one has ever thought of. When you think of Discworld, you would automatically think of the Great A’Tuin as it is the one who holds all the series that is within the Discworld series.

Lets talk about the series itself, I am pretty sure most of us have different favourites as the series contains over forty books. I hadn’t read read all of the, but from the amount I read it obviously contains brilliant wit and humour based on British culture that makes it enjoyable, however I have noticed certain things that makes the series relatable. From my opinion, Terry Pratchett is using certain characters that brings the limelight to different problems that is an occurence in the real world.

The first example is prejudism and racism, particularly against dwarves and trolls who always go against each other and stereotyping each other, along with human beings that judges both of them.Dwarves and trolls obviously have different lifestyle and culture that could be questionable to human beings, even though their way of lifestyle is very significant to their survival instincts and their traditions. I found this example in ‘Men At Arms’ where all three races, humans, dwarves and trolls labeling and stereotyping each other, something that is a big problem we are experiencing in the real world, and it made us aware that prejudism, racism and ignorance can lead to animosity, that leads to wars.

Second example is politics. Not only that politics is difficult to understand (in my opinion) but also it had been creating many problems in recent years due to their own greed and being drunk with power. ( I think you know who I am talking about but out of respect I won’t say his name). The Patrician could be considered as a politician as it is his job to keep things in Ankh-Morpork in order, and whenever the City Watch question about something, they go to the Patrician, however, he did make decisions that doesn’t seem right, for example; not paying much attention to the guilds that obviously does crimes that harms people, but they don’t get arrested because they do organized crimes, therefore they don’t break the law because they are part of the guilds.

Next is sexism, no matter what book it is, there will always be one female character that will be a target to sexism in different ways. Two books came to mind which is Angua from ‘Men At Arms’ and Magrat from ‘Wyrd Sisters’ Angua was the first female to be a part of the City Watch that consider her a minority and then there was Magrat who is considered her the prettiest witch which makes her a target on sexual advances, both of which is completely wrong. While there has been less sexism in the 21st century, but it is still an issue that we need to still be aware of, as there are still women out there who is targeted by ignorance in a work place and by sexual advances that can lead to serious consequences. This sort of situations that women and girls still have to deal with even today.

The Monarchy is mostly from the history side of it. If you look into Britsh history, there were Kings and Queens that were drunk with power, and think they can do anything they desire whether it’s raising taxes, hurting people and murdering them, along with slowly destroying the world by harming  the environment and killing the animals just because they rule the lands. Terry Pratchett put that in the spotlight in ‘Wyrd Sisters’, particularly on the part when Granny Weatherwaxgetting messages from animals saying they were very unhappy with the current king. I can think of a few Kings or Queens that do fall into this trap.

Lastly, Death. Death is mostly the major plot in the Discworld. The character Death has his own series along with his adopted family that made himself question Life and Death along with his family, particularly his granddaughter Susan Death. Because he is a big part in the Discworld, he also appears as cameo appearances in other series where other characters ended up in fatal situations where they would ask Death very meaningful questions, some of them are still unanswered. Death is definitely my favourite character, he is neither good nor bad but the things he had done would be incredible and everytime he comes into the scene he will always have something to say whether t’s meaningful or funny, either way Death is a significant character to the entire Discworld Series.

That is all I can think of but if there is anything I missed that became a plot in Discworld that I forgot do comment below.

I do hope you enjoyed it. ❤


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