October Wrap Up and TBR

I have red a lot of books this month, a few I haven’t review and I will explain why later, but lets get on with the wrap up 😀

Books I read

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline


I love the amazing world building. A 2044 dystopia that based around 80’s pop culture in a videogame. Enjoyed every page of it. 5 stars! 😀


Fables: Legends in Exile Vol 1


A graphic novel that puts me at the edge of my seat. Fairy tail characters that try to live their life in New York. I am always in suspense and I want to continue reading more.

Warning: Contains Violence, blood and sexual themes. Definitely not for children!


Men At Arms by Terry Pratchett


A sequal to Guards Guards. Carrott was a fantastic character and I love how it focuses on the prejudice against trolls and dwarves which makes us aware on racism along with a murder mystery and British humour and wit which makes it a fun read.


Along the way I had read three A Series Of Unfortunate Events books which is:


I haven’t reviewed those yet because I am going to review them after I had read the entire series, so I have got three books left.

So it was a good month of books for me which I am really glad due to my reading slump and being constantly busy on September.

Books I Currently Read

Crown Of Midnight by Sarah J Maas


The second book to the Throne Of Glass series. It is a slow start for me but I have been seeing people going crazy over it so hopefully it will pick up soon.






I do hope you enjoy October’s wrap up and hopefully I will read all of A Series Of Unfortunate Events by November’s Wrap Up. 😀

Do Enjoy ❤



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