Changes to the site


I had realised the last theme for the book blog was very bland and not very eye catching so I decided to change the theme along with making the logo and a character along with the site.

First off I wanted to make a logo that has a certain font that has a cheeky side to it, until I found this one from Illustrator which is perfect because the o’s look like eyes, or specifically monkey eyes and decided to give it a simple wink animation to it.

Another thing I did was drawing a character, unfortunately he is very crudely coloured and not as neat as I want to put him there anyway to give an idea that the character is part of the site but I will make some changes in the future when I have the time. The reason why my character is a monkey is because monkeys are very cheeky creatures and I do want an animal mascot on my book blog.

I am definitely going to do these changes on my twitter page and my tumblr page to keep up with the theme for my blog.

I am open to any constructive critisism or comments that you have for me about this site  , so do let me know and just comment down below.

I do hope you would enjoy the changes I made 🙂 ❤


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