Review~ The Sign Of the Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


As a dense yellow fog swirls through the streets of London, a deep melancholy has descended on Sherlock Holmes, who sits in a cocaine-induced haze at 221B Baker Street. His mood is only lifted by a visit from a beautiful but distressed young woman – Mary Morstan, whose father vanished ten years before. Four years later she began to receive an exquisite gift every year: a large, lustrous pearl. Now she has had an intriguing invitation to meet her unknown benefactor and urges Holmes and Watson to accompany her. And in the ensuing investigation – which involves a wronged woman, a stolen hoard of Indian treasure, a wooden-legged ruffian, a helpful dog and a love affair – even the jaded Holmes is moved to exclaim, ‘Isn’t it gorgeous!’

Honestly, I didn’t like this book as much as ‘A Study in Scarlet’. It started off good by showing the friendship between Sherlock and Dr John Watson by being concern’s with one’s health from taking cocaine, being honest and having small bantar, until a young lady came to visit them called Mary Morstan who was telling both Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson about her father who disappeared 10 years ago on 1878 and then four years later she had been given pearls by an unknown person.

This mysterious case did seems interesting but what I have a problem with is it doesn’t flow well as ‘A Study in Scarlet’ and because there seems to be lots of things happening at once, it is hard to keep track what is going on. In all honesty this review is based on a first read basis so I probably need to re read it in order to understand it more. I did cheat a little bit by watching ‘The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ of ‘The Sign Of The Four’ two parter so that I can visually see it, but again you would have to really pay attention so you can understand what is going on, and I did understand a little bit. Just like ‘A Study in Scarlet’ it does have a chapter of the criminal explaining his side of the story but again I feel like I should re-read it in the future.

Over all I give it 3/5 for these reasons, I will still continue reading Sherlock Holmes Series as the next one will be ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’.

A Study In Scarlet Review



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