Star Wars Celebration 2016

Hello Everyone!

Just to let you know I went to STAR WARS CELEBRATION 2016 as you can probably tell by the title. XD

That is the reason why I didn’t post a review yesterday because I got up around 6am to catch a tube at 7am and I didn’t get back till 10:30 at night and I was absolutely exhausted and I did think to write a review after I get back but no I was too exhausted.

But today I thought instead of a review why don’t I tell you about the event and also sharing pictures πŸ˜€

Now I can’t tell you everything that had happened because a lot of things have happened all at once and some things did clash around the same time so I am just going to tell you which panels I went and what stuff I have got. πŸ™‚

Firstly the Panels

Creatures, Droids and Aliens


So I went to see an interesting panel about creatures, aliens and droids where the people who brings out ideas with the director and manage to create these creatures from 2D to 3D by sculpturing and doing one individual hair at a time!!! FOR CHEWBACCA! Which I can imagine must take a long time and using animatronics to create realistic movements for their mouths and how they blink there eyes, and to see that actually alive on stage in front of us is just incredible. I wish I have a photo for that but I wasn’t in a good seat. Not only do they have to create these creatures but they also have to measure the actor from their head to their toes and make sure the actors can move around properly. It’s just incredible!You also got the Warwick Davis as the host. πŸ˜€


Interview of Anthony Daniels without Protocol

Now this has to be my favourite panal ever! It is the most funniest thing I had ever seen. First off they bring out the intro of Warwick Davis because he is the host and then the intro has been cut off because someone ejected the disc. We thought someone did it by mistake or it was an accident but then out comes Anthony Daniels with the disc in his hand ready to start a banter with Warwick Davis. After the whole intro banter, they had the interview and the questions Warwick gave him were just absolute rubbish (as a joke of course) and the questions he asked ‘How did you go to the toilet in your C3PO suit?’ ‘How much did you get paid?’ And again they banter about it. XD13702317_10157152428345721_1209425180_o

Then they got into a serious proper interview about what it’s like to be C3PO and that he was baking hot in that suit and that he was jealous of everyone else for wearing normal clothes. Then he had people come up and act on a ‘New Hope’ scene with Anthony Daniels as a director and I have to say it is very bad but I did have tears in my eyes from laughing so much. XD Then the interview ended beautifully by Anthony Daniels reading a comic book about how C3PO got his red arm and that is why that’s my favourite panel. πŸ™‚

The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

It’s basically about concept art about the ‘The Force Awakens’ the only complaint I have about this panel is they don’t show storyboards because the panel about storyboards is the next day which sucks but amazing concept art.Β IMG_20160716_180916_hdr[1]

I am sorry for bad quality as they show it on screen. :/

And as you can tell the stuff at the exhibition is expensive so I got a few t shirts and freebies that are mostly shirts but one things I did get that I am so excited to get into is this πŸ˜€


LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS! πŸ˜€IMG_20160718_095026_hdr[1]

As you can tell I love storyboards, probably more than the actual film so I really can’t wait to get stuck into this. πŸ˜€

Sooo yeah that is my reason why I didn’t do a review on Saturday however I will do the review the saturday coming so I will get back to normal.

I hope you had an awesome chilled weekend as much as this chewbacca. πŸ˜›












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