Health Benefits of Tea

Hello Everyone, I thought I would do a tea blog post today and thought I might tell you why tea is good for your health. I do hope you will enjoy. 😀

  1. Anti-aging- Tea contains antioxidants, particularly white tea that will help you fight against wrinkles and makes your skin looking younger and healthier.
  2. Detoxification- It can be used as a natural laxative to clear out your body from any toxins along with giving you antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients and electrolytes. The types of tea that is great of detoxification are green teas and herbel teas that contains ani-seed.
  3. Less caffeine- Tea has less caffeine than coffee and will still help you naturally wake up. Particularly black tea.
  4. Healthier Heart- Tea helps you unclog your arteries and reduces any heart deseases such as strokes and heart attacks.
  5. Strong Bones- Tea, specifically green tea helps improve your bones in both density and strength.
  6. Improve Dental Health- Tea contains flouride that offer protection against plaque formation on your teeth.
  7. Protection against cancer- Polyphenols, one of the antioxidants in tea helps fright against cancer.
  8. Zero Calories- Tea doesn’t contain any calories, unless you add sweetener, milk or sugar.
  9. Improved metabolism- This is good for people who have slow metabolic rate and is struggling to lose any weight. Green tea extracts interfere with fat formation in the body and is good for muscle endurance.
  10. Stress Buster- Black tea especially can reduce your stress hormone levels that will help relax you. It also helps lower high blood pressure that can be caused by stress.

I hope this is useful and see how tea is very beneficial. ❤


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