The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her own Making


Author: Catheryne M Valente

Publisher: Corsair

Cover Illustrator: Ana Juan

September is a twelve year old girl from Omaha. With her dad fighting a faraway war, and her mum always out at work, she is lonely, stuck in a rut and starved of adventure. So when a Green Wind arrives at her window and invites her to Fairyland she accepts in a flash (mightn’t you?). But Fairyland is in crisis, crushed by the iron rule of the villianous Marquess- and September holds the key to restoring order. With a book-loving dragon and a mysterious boy named Saturday by her side, she sets out on a thrilling quest to Fix Things. But time is short, and time is tickinmg, and every story must have an ending. Can September save Fairyland? Can she even save herself?

The first thing I immediately thought about this book is trying to be the 21st version of ‘Alice Adventures in Wonderland’. I don’t mind authors being heavily inspired by other authors as long they have their own original ideas to make the story stand out, but the problem I have with it is it’s becoming more like ‘Alice Adventures in Wonderland’ as the story progresses. The outline of the story is pretty much the same, a little girl being bored in her home life, then ends up in a strange world where there are strange things, with strange food that causes you to have strange changes, and don’t forget the Queen who is known as the Marquess, is the same as well, a horrid little brat that likes to make everyone in the world miserable.

There are also times where I can’t keep up with the story as there seem to be lots of different characters popping up for no reason and I ended up getting lost and trying to keep up what’s going on. The names for the characters are very confusing like ‘A Through L’ ‘Saturday’ and ‘September’, they should be more creative and less confusing.

However their are a few things I like about the book, I do like September’s ally who is a book-loving dragon who believes to be a half-library, her second ally I do have mixed feelings about as I don’t know much about him and feel he came into September’s adventures a little to late and don’t know much about his life as I do with the dragon. I did find the twist shocking and I would have loved Fairyland if it stops being the second Wonderland with September being the second ALice. This is the first book of the 5 book series so I am still on the fence if I should continue the series maybe I will read the second book to see if it gets better.


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Do Enjoy ā¤



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