The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Book thief

Author: Markus Zusak

Published by: Black Swan

Illustrator: Finn Campbell-Notman

Cover Design: Claire Ward 

There are no words to describe how beautiful this book is. It had made me speechless. The writing is so beautiful by describing the surroundings and how the characters personal views about World War 2 in Nazi Germany. It is one of the few that made me emotionally heartbroken on different parts of the book and because this book is narrated by Death himself, it makes us see the true horrors of World War 2 and what lots of people have to live through. In my opinion, reading something like The Book Thief that explains World War 2 is very important, while it is a fictional book, the way the world was durinmg that period of time and how the characters live through is very real. Children did have to move to foster parents, Jewish people had to hide from existence to stay safe and losing so many people that you love. So reading or watching something that relates to this subject is important to learn, another example is the film Grave of the Fireflies by Studio Ghibli which is horribly heartbreaking because the events that happened were true.

The characters in this book were lovable in different ways, which makes it even more heartbreaking and there illustrations where one of the characters does draw them, so you would feel the connection, you are looking at the illustrations, reading what the characters read, into their inner thoughts that makes you feel connected.

There is a message behind the book to say that words can effect so many people, many even the world, and since it’s about this innocent little girl who want to learn how to read and write it does make sense and learning that certain words can start wars and we should learn to use words to be kind to each other and accepting one another and not going round racist or sexist slurs that will bring hate and destruction into this world.

I recommend literally everyone this book. It is soo good. If you have time do read it, as I am sure you would love it and learn from it just as much as I had.


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I hope you enjoyed this review. ❤




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