Reading Slumps

Reading Slumps are the worst things for us readers. Somehow we don’t have the energy to read and it could be many reasons why. As you probably figured out is that I am in a reading slump myself and I am sure many of you has been at some point. So I am going to list possible reasons why you don’t have the energy to read:

Bad Book

You could have read a terrible book that would make lost your motivation to read anymore. I know it had took me a while, maybe a few weeks to read again after I got rid of Fifty Shades of Grey, and because you read a bad book you felt that you are forcing yourself to try and finish the book instead of enjoying which is a cause to lose motivation.

Cure: If you can’t read it, quit it. Don’t be ashamed if you can’t finish a book. Life is too short to use your time on a book that you can’t enjoy. Stop reading it so that you will have time to read book that you might enjoy.

Big Book

Luckily you have found a book that you love. You are reading it. Enjoying it. It’s full of action, fantasy, romance and everything in between, but everything that’s happening in in a 1000 pages, a bit more than you can handle where you are starting to lose your energy by reading hallf of those pages in a row and you still got half way to go, and because the book is so large it’s becoming quite intimidating that you are suddenly not reading it anymore.


Cure: You don’t have to read an entire book all in one go. It doesn’t hurt to take little breaks on every 2 chapters or every 20 pages. It might take longer but you will be able to enjoy a good book more once you keep recharging yourself and have enough energy for more adventures.


Nothing gets in the way between you and your book whether you got a job, school, college or university where it suddenly becomes more important than reading. You had become so busy with your work that you have to put your entire focus on your work that you suddenly lost focus on the book you want to read.

Cure: Don’t stress yourself to do two things at once. Take things one at a time. If your work is important and I can imagine it is, concentrate on that first so that you will be able to finish what you started and then you will be able to have more time for you lovely books to read as much as you want. Obviously you can choose to read books at breaks but don’t force yourself to read it just because you have to. Reading is a hobby, not a chore.


When I say life it could mean anything. It could mean your social life, your family problems, your relationships etc. It depends on how serious the situation is. If there are family problems that needs to be sort out immediatly then do take care of that problem and be there for your family as family is important. Then you do have your social life which consists with your friends and your boyfriend/girlfriend which consists of parties, hanging out, dating or communicating them in anyway.

Cure: As I said, if any of your close family or friends has some severe problems,  they come first as you need to be there for them. When it comes to social gatherings that you don’t want to go, don’t be afraid to say no. You are allowed to have time to yourself and also time for books.

I hope this blog helps you in anyway. If there are other reasons and cures for reading slumps do comment below.

Do Enjoy 😀 ❤




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