Red Tea


Starting Red Queen with a cup of Cranberry and Rassberry herble tea which I will say, for a tea that is the same colour of blood, it is very sweet. But I can finally get into this book as I heard nothing but good things about it XD

Author: Victoria Aveyard

Cover Illustrator: Michael Frost

Publisher: Orion Books

If you want information on Red Queen go to the Goodreads link here


I am part of the book depository affiliate scheme so if you buy books through this link I will be able to get small commission.



      • I mostly drink black tea and herble tea, ones I particularly like is English Breakfast especially in the morning and Earl Grey for black. And Herbel tea I occasionally drink Camomile and Honey, recommend in the evening as it will make you sleepy and I had herbel tea with ani seed that was made by the company called pukka which was really nice and good for the digestive system. I am currently branching out to different teas along the way as well. šŸ™‚ But do try them if you up to it. šŸ˜€

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