Wyrd Sisters by Sir Terry Pratchett Review


Three Witches gathered on a lonely hearth. A king cruelly murdered, his throne usurped by his anbitious cousin. A child heir and the crown of the kingdom, both missing…

Witches don’t have these kind of dynastic problems themselves- in fact, they don’t have leaders. Granny Weatherwax was the most highly-regarded of the leaders they didn’t have. But even she found that meddling in royal politics was a lot more complicated than certain playwrights would have you believe, particularly when the blood on your hands just won’t wash off and you’re facing a future with knives in it…

To start with I like to again that this book is well written. I will say this in the future if I read more Discworld series and I will that Terry Pratchett has brilliant pace when it comes to his writing style. I love the parody of Shakespeare, especially doing a combination between Hamlet and Macbeth with a sense of Monty Python I feel.

With the characters I want to start with my favourites which are of course the witches. The witches have gotten me hooked on the book because all three of them are so different yet they work so well. You have Granny Weatherwax who is a strict traditionalist, kind of like the leader of the witches, Nanny Ogg who is in my opinion the most lovable character with her care-free attitude, her dirty mind and loves to ‘quaff’ yet also got a huge heart especially with her children and her ‘fat, cunning, evil-smelling, multiple rapist’ cat, and there is Magrat who is the youngest who works to try and learn from the older witches yet spice her witchcraft up with a modern twist.

The Fool’s character slowly develops through the book which I find to be very interesting, and then there is Lord and Lady Felmet the main antagonists of the book and Lady Felmet will give you plenty of reasons to hate her along with feeling concern for Lord Felmet. Near the end you will get a little twist that will catch you by surprise.

It is also refreshing to get out of Ankh-Morpork and go to a different location of the Discworld with different atmosphear of Lancre. The story I feel gives us an important lesson that the Kingdom, the ‘land’ itself also need the King that will be willing to take care of it and not destroying it out of pleasure, examples such as chopping trees down and burning cottages.

Overall I recommend this book to anyone who loves the Discworld series and who is new to the series as well.

41/2 out of 5 cups of tea. ❤

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