A Series of Unfortunate Events and future reviews


An Unfortunate Event indeed as I ended up buying more books O.o I have found almost an entire series of The Unfortunate Events and since I am already burrowing 1-4 I have bought:

‘The Austere Academy’ #5

‘The Ersatz Elevator’ #6

‘The Vile Village’ #7

‘The Hostile Hospital’ #8

All by the author Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Brett Helquist.

I will say this will be the last time I will buy more books as I have got so much to read XD and I want to finish the 3 books I am currently reading now, so that I will be able to rate and share my opinion with you lovely lot and if I will recommend them to you.

Also for the reviews and the ratings I have decided to rate them as tea so obviously if the book gets 5 cups of tea then that’s a good thing, if they get 0 cups of tea then they are bad.

I hope that will be good for you guys. 😀 Do Enjoy. ❤


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